Can Green Tea Make You Poop?

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Now, this is one of those topics that we tend to wonder about, but it feels almost embarrassing to look up. I don’t know if you’re like me, but I have noticed that when I drink green tea it may make me have to poop. I’ve often wondered if it was the green tea, or something else in my diet at the time. Well, I did some research on whether or not green tea makes you poop, and I hope to give you some answers.

Is Green Tea Making Me Poop?

So in general, it’s good to note that the more fluids you drink, the quicker you’ll have to relieve yourself. If you’re anything like me – you love a good cup of green tea. No matter if it’s water or green tea that you’re drinking, if you’re having a lot of fluid you’ll have to use the restroom more than normal.

If you aren’t aware, there could be varying amounts of caffeine in your tea depending on the type you’re drinking. Studies have shown that caffeine can be a cause of bowel movement, which could be a direct reason why you think green tea is making you poop.

Why Does Certain Green Tea Make Me Poop?

So like we’ve said, the amount of green tea you’re consuming as well as the caffeine that’s in it can make you poop. You might have a few particular green teas that you enjoy, but you may have noticed that certain green teas make you have to poop more than others. There is specific reasoning for this, and it all comes down to a few factors.

  • Steeping Time (AKA how long you leave the leaves or tea bag in)
  • Drinking Speed (How fast you consume your green tea)
  • Amount Of Tea (How much green tea you consume)

I’m New To Drinking Green Tea Is This Normal?

Yes! If you’ve just begun drinking green tea, you’ll be pleased to know that there are tons of benefits and that green tea is really good for you. One of the benefits of drinking green tea is improved colon health. Green tea gets rid of toxins and flushes out mucus coatings within your gastrointestinal tract. This can also be the reason why green tea is making you poop more.

I would say the last potential reason that green tea may be causing you to poop more is that it improves your liver and kidneys as well. Green tea contains tons of catechins that improve the function of your liver and kidneys which flushes out your environmental toxins. Those toxins have to exit somewhere, which is why you may be pooping more when you drink green tea.


If you feel like green tea is making you poop more, there could be a lot of potential reasons. The green tea may be flushing the toxins in your body, or the caffeine in the green teen is stimulating you to use the restroom. One thing is for certain, there’s nothing you need to be concerned about.

Now, if you are a bit anxious about the number of times you’re having used the restroom per day, I would advise you to talk with your doctor. More than likely though, you’ll be fine if green tea is the only new addition to your diet!



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