Green Tea Jameson Shot

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A green tea Jameson shot is one of the tastiest drinks whether it’s the summertime or winter. Most of all, it’s got one of our favorite things in it – whiskey. Whether you’re an aspiring bar owner or drink connoisseur, you need to stay relevant, and that means that you need to know the drinks that people raving about.

Our data shows that one of the most popular shots right now is called the Green Tea Jameson Shot. After doing a deep dive on all the best recipes and trying it for ourselves, we’re gonna teach you how to make one.

How To Make The Green Tea Jameson Shot

So, to make this shot, it’s gonna use equal parts Jameson, Peach Schnapps, and Sweet and Sour Mix.

Step 1: Fill the shaker tin with ice. 

Step 2: Grab your Jameson and Peach Schnapps and pour them into your shaker at the same time. We recommend counting to 3 as your pour your drinks to get a good balance of taste.

Step 3: With your Jameson and Peach Schnapps now poured into your shaker with equal amounts, it’s time to pour the Sweet and Sour Mix. We recommend counting to 3 as you pour to match the amount used in Step 2. 

Step 4: Now to shake it up. What you’ll now have is a mixed drink that looks exactly like green tea. To finish this drink off, we recommend topping it off with a little bit of Sprite, although that amount is up to you. 


We’ve found that that the less Sprite you use, the more the shot mimics the taste of an actual green tea. Let us know in the comments below how your drink turned out!


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