Caffeine Content Green Tea

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Many people are not aware that green tea contains caffeine too. The truth is, not only does coffee contain caffeine but also green tea and regular tea. Green tea does not have as much caffeine as coffee does. It is estimated that a single serving of green tea has between 30 to 50 mg of caffeine in it.

Health professionals recommend around 400 mg of caffeine maximum in a day, and that takes around 8 to 12 cups of green tea. As beneficial as green tea is known to be, high consumption of it can cause several health issues.

Certain types of green teas have a higher level of caffeine such as Matcha. Usually, the green tea that one buys from the grocery store is diluted and has less caffeine within the green tea. However, if you go for authentic green tea that some brands sell, it’ll tend to have a higher amount of caffeine.

Different Types of Green Tea and Their Caffeine Content

There are different types of green teas found around the world. Many countries produce green tea themselves for consumption, and many produce enough to export it too. If you are not used to drinking green tea, you must check the caffeine content for the green tea you decide to consume.

  • Sencha: This green tea originated from Japan and has about 20 to 30 mg of caffeine in it per serving. It is extremely common in many countries worldwide and has many health benefits, and helps with weight loss. The fresh and young leaves that are not roasted usually have a higher amount of caffeine than the mature leaves that have been roasted.
  • Hojicha: With its origins in Japan, Hojicha is another popular green tea commonly used in Japanese culture. It is slightly different from the other green teas because porcelain is used to roast this green tea. It has around 7.7 mg of caffeine in 250 ml of Hojicha.
  • Matcha: Matcha, yet another Japanese green tea, is a widely known type of green tea and is consumed in high numbers in many countries. It is said to have between 18 to 44 mg of caffeine content in a serving of a single gram of green tea.
  • Gyokuro: This one has around 35 mg of caffeine in a single serving. It is one of the highest grade green teas coming from Japan. The leaves cannot grow in a sunny area but rather need some shade as complete exposure to the sun ruins the leaves and often stops them from growing. Gyokuro is consumed in many countries but mostly in Asia, importing it from Japan.

Why is it Necessary to Check Caffeine Content?

Many people cannot handle too much caffeine as it can cause insomnia and other health problems. Due to this reason, it is essential that before one consumes any type of green tea, the caffeine content in that green tea must be checked to ensure you do not end up taking too much of it.


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